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Sea photos – Power of Sea and Beauty

Another preferred option by most veteran and novice photographers is the sea. The Sea is one such nature’s beauty that can depict several moods – calm, peaceful, naughty, sporty, powerful, scary, etc…

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Many professional photographers love to capture deviations and instances that are not typical or of routine occurrence. So, when the sea shows it tempers with powerful waves thrown about, it makes for an excellent opportunity for a capture. But once again, nature cannot be controlled and with waves splashing across in ad-hoc, uncontrollable and predictable patterns, it only makes it tougher and more challenging for anyone to get the right shots. Even so, in quite some photography courses today, the advice is to capture as many images as you possibly can during a sea storm and then salvage and restore the best of the lot.

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Many of the beautiful oceanic captures have been when the sea is still and with minimal movement. In fact, the sea along with that portion of the sky, just adjacent to the sun setting far along the sea horizon, make for an excellent view. Capturing the still sea with the crimson sky showcasing moving clouds that reflect the diminishing pink sunset color is always a mood uplifter and such pictures have won several awards too. If you are wanting to work on how to become a photographer, then the sea is a good place to begin with.

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Another excellent however slightly tricky capture could be when the sea converges at some points – probably alone standing rock or cliff amongst a neckline of such rocks. When the waves splash here, the scene is beautiful but to capture the beauty of that view is somewhat tricky and needs both patience and practice. Rather, the typical soft waves that the deep seas generate are easier and even beautiful in capturing through the camera.

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Yet another of the sea’s rare occurrence is that of water currents; these can occur any time depending on the tide as well as the direction of the winds. Capturing a water current when it is actually playing itself is a rarity and only a few (unless hardcore nature photography professionals) are lucky to have had the opportunity.

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Have you ever witnessed the ocean’s waves going over a flat bed of rock and then spilling over? The view is simply heavenly and amazing. More so, if the waves are spilling over catch the soft sun rays of dawn and dusk. How about of waves rushing back to the womb of the sea from the shore?  If you do have such a site in your knowledge, don’t miss the chance of visiting it during different time zones and attempt to capture views not only at different times but also from different angles.

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The one that takes the trophy, however, is a scenic capture of a seabed during thunderstorm and lightening. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to keep waiting for your opportunity of getting a lightening streak and being able to click that instantly despite the bad weather. Yet, we have fabulous pictures posted on various photography websites that support we have some really good nature photography enthusiasts.

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Besides the moods of the sea, there are other scenes that can be shot, as in underwater shooting of flora and fauna in the sea, of boats and yachts sailing, of surfers, of footsteps or shells on the beach and more fine art photography about the sea. The list is endless.

Go forth and try your hand at it, perhaps you just might be able to capture something unique.


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