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Best Posing Ideas for Photographing Women

Sometimes photographers are just out of posing ideas. What if there was a manual for the best poses for women. Here is a compilation of some of the best posing ideas for women. If one doesn’t work for your subject, you can always tell them to choose another.

  1. Tell the model to look over her shoulder. If shot from different angles, the portrait looks different and even more interesting.
  2. Hands are not always visible in Portrait photography; when they are, they are not dominant. You could ask your model to play around with her hands while trying out different positions around her face or her head. Remember not to capture flat palms; only the sides of the hands.Excellent Posing Ideas for Photographing Women picture
  3. Diagonals are also another idea to try out. Remember that you can tilt the camera to achieve some rare or unusual perspectives.
  4. The model sitting could also prove to be a lovely pose. The knees have to be in contact and the shot takes from above.
  5. Another elegant pose could be done with the model lying on the ground. You should also get down and take the shot from the ground level.
  6. Another variation of the model lying on the ground could be made by having both hands resting on the ground. This one works best in the outdoors.
  7. A basic eye pose is also another great idea. Get down and take the shot nearly from the ground level. Try moving around the model slowly while still taking shots. You should also ask your model to shift hand and head positions appropriately.
  8. What could be better than a model lying on her back with her legs bent at the knees? Remember to focus on her eyes when shooting and also try out new head and hand positions.
  9. Lying down completely with stomach down while raising the legs at the knees is also a great idea. Try different leg and hand positions for the best results.
  10. A model is sitting on the ground while placing one hand on her knee. Only one leg should be bent at the knee.
  11. A good display of beauty by shooting a silhouette. It especially works well on a bright background.
  12. A simple and casual looking pose is also a great pose in photography. There are lots of variations for the pose. Ask your model to twist her body and experiment with different head turns and hand positions.
  13. Another elegant pose is asking the model to stand upright then turn slightly to the side. Her hands should be in the back pockets.
  14. Leaning a little bit forward can also be a great pose if done in the right way. It is a great way to emphasize the beauty of the upper body shapes.
  15. Holding the hands above the head is also a great idea but needs fit body types.
  16. A relaxing pose with the model upright and supporting her back on a wall is a great pose. She also needs to rest one leg on it for the best results.
  17. Another great pose is arching her body in an S-shape, one hand at her waist, while the other holds the back of her head. Her weight should be supported on one leg while the other is relaxed.





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