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7 Landscape Photography Mistakes

If your photos aren’t coming as expected, it’s probably because of one of the common 7 mistakes made during landscape photography. However, just like how ‘practice’ makes ‘perfect’ any other skill, so it is with photography. With time and practice, it becomes much easier and you can get better landscape shots next time.

1) Shooting at the Wrong Time of Day

Timing is crucial. Sharp sunlight causes are unwanted effects in a landscape photo.  Bright highlights and comparatively dark shadows can be challenging.

One of the best photography tips is to identify periods around sunrise and sunset when the sunlight is about right and not sharp. Photography during such times will amaze you with its intensity. Your photos will depict enhanced natural beauty and amaze you.

2) Your Images Lack a Clear Subject

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Ever wondered why your camera isn’t able to capture the grandiose of the scene despite your multiple shots? That’s because unlike the human eye which interprets scenes differently via peripheral vision; the camera sees in a much simpler way, recording a small portion onto the sensor. Hence, focus on a subject will be captured on your camera’s sensor resulting in an impressive photograph.

3) Absence of Foreground

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A defined foreground goes a long way in getting dramatic improvements in your travel and scenic photo shoots. For dramatic impact in your scenic images, find a strong foreground element that will help adding visual interest all the way through the frame.

4) Lazy Composition

Scout around for a spots different from conventional tourist spots, where you can have a wonderful scenic capture from.  You’ll need to adjust the zoom level or your physical position depending upon how much or how much not you want in your capture – especially in wedding photography. Prepare well for your shots.

5) Following the Herd

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Most cameras today come with automatic modes to ease your capturing of scenic shots. Auto modes, however, don’t guarantee great photographs; they just adapt a mode for given light conditions. So if you are not seeking average shots; as preached by new generation photography courses, don’t follow the herd; lead your own style.


6) Too Much ContrastHow never doing Landscape Taking pictures Mistakeso high contrast differences. These can be controlled with a simple camera tool ‘graduated neutral density filter’. These filters come in strengths of two (0.6), three (0.9), and four (1.2) stops. Even HDR is a comparatively effective method. These filters adjust the capture of contrast differences and normalize images in shots.

Position the dark portion of your graduated neutral density filter over the top part of the lens. This will darken the bright sky while leaving the foreground exposed. You can fine tune the effect by adjusting the filter placement up or down in the mount.

7) Don’t avoid High ISOs

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High ISO can be helpful for landscape photography, typically true if you’re shooting without a tripod or during portrait photography.  In order to achieve intense photos by maintaining the sharpness of objects from near to far, your desired aperture would be f/11 or f/16. With these two decided steps, you may take your photo only to find that it’s too dark. It is now that the ISO feature comes handy; just increase or double the ISO number and watch your photo getting brighter.


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