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How to be a Better Photographer

To become a better and successful photographer is the dream of most start-up photographers. What are some key steps to becoming a better photographer?

Look at Light

Learning to use a camera is not the most important step in your journey to better photography. You must first learn about light. How strong is the light? What time of the day is it? Is the light contrast or soft? Is the sun behind or in front of you. This is some of the main questions that you should ask yourself first if you want to become a better photographer. Light is what affects what camera settings to use and also how you shoot. Thus, a slight shift in the direction of light may mean a complete change in how the image looks.

Camera settings

A successful photographer must be a pro on camera settings. For example, do you want most of the image to be sharp? Do you need a wide or normal angle lens? You need to master the use of different settings and parts of your camera to achieve the image you need. Experiment with different features to see how each works.

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Composition and form

Composure is an important trait of a good photographer. Don’t just take a photograph because you saw a bird you like; you must ensure that you capture it in the best way possible. Where is the best place to stand? This is one important question that you need to ask yourself every time you want to take a photograph. The difference between a decent image and a great image may be moving an inch to your right.


A good photographer must be good at colors. You must learn what different colors represent when combined. You must learn when colors add to the image, and when they detract from it.

What is the color quality of light? Is a good question to ask yourself when taking a photograph.

Learn about the Lightroom

Editing is an important part of photography as it develops your vision. A Lightroom works for most photographers and you should try it out if you want to become a better photographer. Archive your images rating them yourself according to their features. You may find yourself with a good collection with time.


Printing an image is an important step and needs a very good printer to be done right. Your choice of printer should be exquisite. Ensure you learn how to choose and use a printer since most of the printing will be done by you.

Photograph Don’t just learn how to take photos in major photograph scenes like mountains. To be a great photographer, you must be able to take a great photograph regardless of the setting.

Galleries and photo books

After getting past the basic skill level, you need to develop your own unique style and voice. To do this, you must look at the works of others. See what they do and learn to create a unique style and voice in photography.

Keep going back

If there is a spot that you like photographing, you must keep coming back to it. Come back on different times of the day, on different seasons of the year. That way, the change in the setting will help you learn what setting changes can do to an image and also help you to adapt to different settings.




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